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We are excited to welcome you to the Premier All-Star Family.  The PTC All-Star program is a team of traveling competitive all-star squads of all different skill levels of competition based on both age and advancement.  This program is designed for those cheerleaders who are serious about competing on a local and national level.  If you feel like your child is not quite ready for the full All-Star experience you can skip to our beginner Premier Prep Squad information below.      

Skill Acquisition.

As a participant in the Premier All-Star Program, your child will receive instruction in cheerleading and tumbling.  Cheerleading includes cheer, dance, jumps, stunting, and presentation.  Tumbling - an essential component of cheerleading - includes building strength, coordination, muscle control, and flexibility.  In addition, your child will learn the importance of self-confidence, teamwork, goals, discipline, and determination and how these qualities relate to success in this program as well as life in general.

An Experience.

Our Mission is to help your child become a well-rounded Premier Athlete, which is defined through some of our core principles below.  By doing this, we hope to cultivate an experience that will not only benefit each individual cheerleader greatly, but will teach them what it means to be a part of something bigger than themselves  - the TEAM.   By committing to the team, embracing each other as individuals becomes an important life lesson – we can accomplish great things together.  YOU are just as important as I am towards reaching our goals.  The value of the team experience is one that each individual cheerleader – through friendships, bonding, hard work, accomplishment and FUN - will carry with them the rest of their lives.  And we are very serious about the FUN part.  

Core Principles.

What is a Champion?


At PTC, we don’t define a champion by trophies or banners, but by Dedication, Determination, and Dependability.


Dedication:  A Champion is dedicated to becoming the best they can be, not only for themselves, but also for their Team.


Determination:  A Champion never gives up!  We believe that a champion perseveres through trial and difficulty, constantly motivated by the desire to reach their full potential and add value to their team.


Dependability:  A Champion is a team player and understands that the team is counting on them.  This means that they strive to be on time and always at their best.  A good teammate is one that can be counted on, and a Champion is a great teammate.  



Practices: All-Star teams practice together twice a week at a predetermined week day and time specific to your squad. Additional practices may be added before competitions to work on the routine. A two week notice will be given for additional practice dates.


This All Star Information Page is a brief sample of our full All Star Packet.  The Premier Tumble and Cheer All-Star Program is a yearlong commitment between you, your child, and our competitive all star program.  We have enclosed important dates, fees, and locations to better help you decide if this is the right fit for your child.  You can also check out our PTC Calendar.  

Monthly Tuition  (due by the 15th of each month – auto drafted)


3 hours of team practice and 1 hour of tumbling each week-


4 hour team practice and 1 hour of tumbling each week-


Note:  Each competition requires an entry fee per cheerleader.  Competition fees are not included in tuition and vary depending on vendor and location. Competition fees are separate from tuition and vary depending on vendor and location. Checks for competitions are made payable to PTC All Star Fund.




The Premier Prep Squad


Premier All Star Prep Team is a "stepping stone" squad for our beginner team to become a more involved competitive cheerleading team. Team members will learn the basics of competitive cheerleading. This team will compete at approximately 3-5 local competitions. Team members will be instructed on tumbling, motions, jumps, stunts, and dance while learning a routing they perform. The Premier All Star Prep Team will practice once per week for 1 ½ hours. These students are slightly more advanced than our Cheer 101/Tumble 1 students and are serious about their desire to become a competitive cheerleader.

To join the team, contact our All Star Director, Coach Mauricio Hance, to schedule a time for an evaluation. You may reach him via email or by calling our office 601-898-0221. Individuals are allowed to join the Premier Prep Team year round at the coaches’ discretion.

The Premier All Star Prep Team athletes are required to register with the USASF (United States All Star Federation.) You must fill out the application given to you by the coach and turn it in along with the completed All Star Packet, and, a copy of the team member’s birth certificate. Once the coach notifies you that your child’s account has been created, you will need to log in and pay the $30 annual membership fee to the USASF online.

Premier Tumble & Cheer’s Fees and Monthly Tuition: Checks are made payable to: PTC

We are excited about our All-Star Prep Team and hope you are too! We look forward to working with your children and being a part of their physical, mental, and spiritual growth. We hope you will join the PTC family. We look forward to hearing from you!


Premier Tumble & Cheer is proud to announce that our staff is

AACCA Spirit Safety Certified and a USASF (United States All Star Federation) member.  




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