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Company Summary


Premier Tumble & Cheer, LLC, (“PTC”) opened its doors in 2010 in Gluckstadt, MS.  Our main focuses are 1) to teach young athletes the skill of tumbling in a safe environment, 2) build competitive cheerleading squads to compete at the cheer industry’s highest level, and 3) to mentor young people through the sport of cheerleading.  We not only want to be the local cheer gym, we want to be a place in the community where people of all backgrounds can feel welcome – similar to that of the ballpark or the soccer field.  Our mission statement is, “Building Champions, one Premier Athlete at a Time” – champions defined through our core set of values.



Our Vision


We at PTC love the sport of cheerleading, and mentoring young people is our passion.  It is the reason for our business’s existence.  We see an avenue to impact young people in a growing sport that we love, simple as that.  Our hope is to accomplish that goal to some degree.  We are not perfect but we aspire to perfection through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.  Our world is changing rapidly and if we can impact our young athletes’ in a positive way, help them to build character, confidence, and be firmly grounded in who they are, we have done our job.  We are parents too, so we hold the fact that you are entrusting us with your child for the allotted time with upmost importance and care.  We hope that by joining PTC your  athlete will make friends for life, have experiences they will never forget, and develop character and confidence in themselves through the sport of cheerleading.

Our Mission Statement, “Building Champions, One Premier Athlete at a Time,” addresses two main pillars succinctly:  We strive to build a champion in the cheer world as well as in life through the team sport of All-Star cheerleading; and we focus on the development of each individual athlete in an intentionally designed recreational tumbling program.

Addtionally, we aspire to live out the Bible verse, Matthew 5:16, which says:

            16 Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. – Matt. 5:16 (NIV)


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